How to publish

Rules of publication

What do we publish?

Original articles

3.500 words

Short original articles

1.500 words


3.500 words


1.500 words

PhD Reviews

6.000 words

Field and methodological notes

1.200 words

Letters to the Editor

800 words

Instructions for authors and editorial process

The publication of the documents proposed to IMPACT will require an editorial board review, as well as an external evaluation within a period of four weeks.

With that purpose, there will be an Advisory Board, formed by researchers experienced in peer review and present in editorial boards at both national and international level.

After this review, the Committee will determine either to continue the publishing process or to return the document for its correction in the two following weeks. Reviewers reserve the right to reject documents that they believe are not appropriate for IMPACT.

After this process and prior publication, the author will receive the document in the final format in order to have their consent to its publication. The author will have 48 hours to accept the proposal. If the author response is not received within this time, IMPACT will deem that the author approves the publication.

The work submitted must be original and unpublished. When the submitted document is accepted, publication rights will be transferred to IMPACT.

The email address will be