About IMPACT Journal

Health Improvement Actions

IMPACT Journal is presented as a scientific open access journal that seeks to promote the spread of the most current scientific evidence in order to establish synergies among students, teachers and professionals, encouraging the creation of links between academic institutions, public and private companies, associations and/or any entity related to the field of Health Sciences.

IMPACT journal, oriented to a national and international scope, arises from a students group of  PhD, Master in Nursing Research and  Nursing Degree from the Faculty of Health Sciences in the University of Alicante. These people, supported by the University and the Faculty, create the association “Improving Actions in Health” in order to support this journal.


We present ourselves as a scientific journal with the aim of bringing the reader the most current situation related to Health Sciences.

We pretend to promote the dissemination of scientific knowledge in the Health Sciences field, in order to provide visibility to new research projects, including some final degree or master’s dissertations, as well as doctoral thesis, which comply with the excellence and quality requirements.

Our purpose is to promote and create interest in the research field as well as to encourage the regular update of knowledge in the Health specialization. In order to achieve this aim, it is essential to seek to encourage synergies among students, teachers, professionals and researchers as well as to create links with national and international faculties, associations, public or private companies and other related entities.


IMPACT is conceived from its beginning as a bilingual online publication (Spanish and English), although it will be possible to have printed copies in limited edition. This periodical publication embraces in a multidisciplinary way current themes related to Health Sciences. It also aims to be indexed in the main databases and bibliographic catalogues, as well as to be present in open access repositories.

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